Welcome to our support page. In short, we have our own system and we have a few little details you should know about before buying our products.
Here is a list of information you can find:

Our products

Our products are all home made. We don’t copy things from the internet we all build our own products from the start. Why do we sell our buildings and not give them away free? We all work on our buildings we make and giving them away for free is not something we do if the buildings are unique. We always keep our prices low and make them worth the money you pay.

There are some small details that might give you some information about our work. As you maybe already saw our products have scale levels: basic and detailed.

  • Basic buildings look like a building that is made out of a few basic blocks and not fully realistic.

  • Detailed buildings are different, these buildings are more realistic and require more building blocks and more work.

We also have the sizes: small, medium, big and large.

  • Small buildings are for example: houses, small statues, vehicles, small animals, etc.

  • Medium buildings have some more space to build, these are a few examples: Bigger statues, organics, bigger scale vehicles, buildings like houses that have more than 3 floors, mansions, etc.

  • Big buildings have even more space to build, these are a few examples: Maxium size of statues and organics, the biggest scale of vehicles, huge houses that are most likely to be skyscrapers, etc.

  • Large buildings are a bit different, these are a few examples: Big villages, castles, cities, spawn areas, gamemode maps like skywars, kitpvp, pvp, etc, etc.

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Create Your Own

We don’t just sell products we built but we also take custom orders (buildings). We call this “Create Your Own” because you basiclly ask for a custom building. This custom building can be whatever your heart desires. From small houses to organics to big spawn areas to big cities. The bigger the build the longer it takes to finish it.

We will try to finish your build in 30 days (this goes for small and medium buildings). If the build isn’t finished by 30 days we will give you a 5% off on the product you ordered.
We will try to finish your build in 60 days (this goes for big buildings). If the build isn’t finished by 60 days we will give you a 5% off on the product you ordered.
We will try to finish your build in 90 days (this goes for large buildings). If the build isn’t finished by 90 days we will give you a 10% off on the product you ordered.

Your build can be finished way before the deadline, this only depends on how many orders we will get and or how much time we have per week!

If your product isn’t to your liking you can ask for a refund.

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Our team

We have a small team of builders, for now we only got Boboby and Vince.

We are skilled Minecraft builders who have been building for years. We have been in building teams and some of us still are (these building teams were on public Minecraft servers).

Boboby has been a Head-Builder on a public pixelmon server and normal builder on a public dutch server.
Vince has been a Senior-Builder on a public pixelmon server and is the owner of a public building server.

We might be a small team but we do work fast and finish our projects. We don’t always have time to build but when we do we put a lot of energy in it.

Most products will be produced by Boboby but some things are going to be made by Vince.

Welcome to BobviCraft!

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BobVi Craft has been named BobVi for a reason. Bob stands for Boboby and Vi for Vince.

This means that both Boboby and Vince are the creators of BobVi Craft.

The programmer and creator of the website is Boboby.

Boboby will fix bugs on the website and will add more features and edit excisting features. Boboby also creates the most products you find here in the webshop.

Boboby and Vince are both helping with customer support. We will respond as soon as possible and it can be Boboby or Vince.

Who are we?

Since Vince is a real name Boboby isn’t. Boboby’s real name is Youri.

We are both still teenagers and live in the Netherlands. Vince is 16 and Youri is 18.

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Do we do refunds? Well we do! But have our own ways of doing so.

  • Before buying our products you have to keep in mind we don’t just give you a refund if the product isn’t what you expected. You will have to contact us and we will help you with your problems.

  • We will rebuild your product like you want it to be. We will go into it with you and talk about what you want to be changed (this only goes for “Create Your Own” builds).

  • There are no other ways of refunding our products. We don’t give full money refunds because they are files you can download and store them somewhere and than just ask for a refund and get the products for free.

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